Meal planning – A frugal family must!

Meal planning – A frugal family must!

Years ago, I would head to the supermarket, meander around the aisles, pick up things I thought we needed, get sidetracked by offers, then get to the checkout and be shocked by how much the bill came to. I’d get home and realise that, in reality, I’d bought enough for maybe 2 or 3 meals and I’d definitely be heading back to the supermarket in the next couple of days.

Once the kiddies came along, this had to change. There was no way I could be carting a newborn to the supermarket more than once a week (my first was like a ticking time bomb and could explode into uncontrolled screaming at any time).

So…I started meal planning religiously. Not only meal planning, but writing a shopping list for every item we needed. It was something I’d watched my mum do every week as a child, why I’d not been doing it myself I’ve got not idea!

Straight away, we started saving money! It was also so satisfying to get to the end of the week and have an empty fridge, near enough zero waste.

Also, as well as helping financially, it really helped me mentally. I didn’t have the stress every day of wondering what we were going to eat that evening. Meal planning meant I could use the slow cooker lots too, win win!

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting money picking up random things at the supermarket, get writing that meal plan and list!

Every Monday I will be posting my meal plan for the week (I’m giving it the exciting title of Monday meal plan).

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