Top Tips for shopping at Aldi

Top Tips for shopping at Aldi



I’m not ashamed to say it, I’m a bit of an Aldi geek. I haven’t always been like this, it used to stress me out, the way it was so different to any other conventional supermarket I’d been in. The checkout system would send me into a panic and I’d long for the times I would leisurely pack my shopping, whilst having a chat to Brenda on the checkout, about the weather.

Then, something changed. I learned to love the little quirks. Along with meal planning (see post I’ve already written on that here), shopping at Aldi was saving me at least £30 a week.

So, here are my tips and tricks for a stress free Aldi trip (yes, really!).

  • Don’t forget a £1 coin for the trolley! I’ve been caught out too many times, having to scrat around the car for a coin, with a screaming baby and moaning toddler. Better still, get yourself one of those tokens that you put on your key ring to use! I have these from Amazon that are perfect!
  • Bags – don’t forget your bags, nothing more annoying than having to spend more money on bags when you have loads at home already.
  • Shopping list – definitely a requirement, and if you can do it, write it in the order of the way you will make your way around the shop. This saves time and makes it harder to forget things!
  • Check out the special buys before you go– Every week I head to the website (click here) and check out the special buys for that week. I then know if it’s worth even daring to look at the middle aisles!
  • Don’t worry about any long queues – due to the speed of the cashiers, you will never be waiting long at all.
  • Have your bags ready in your trolley at the checkout – this is a big one! Lots of people fill their trolley after paying, then go to the the packing area to pack their bags. No, no, no! Have your bags ready in the trolley and fill them as you get handed your bought items. So much quicker. I can be through the checkout with bags packed for a full shop within 5 minutes! I now go to other supermarkets and feel like I’m wasting so much time being in the long queue.

So there you go! I hope these tips have given you a bit of an insight into making your trip to aldi a success. If you’ve never been, give it a go! Think how much money you could save.

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