How to make money on Ebay

How to make money on Ebay

Fancy earning some easy extra money? Got lots of things hanging around the house that you don’t want or need any more? Then read on!

I’ve been selling my things via ebay for a couple of years now. It all started after having my first child. I ended up with tons of baby paraphernalia that I’d bought but had hardly been used. It seemed such a shame to give them away, plus I didn’t really have any friends that were having babies at that point. As well as this, children are expensive, and any extra money I could earn to put towards things for them was a bonus. Enter, EBay!

I started listing things I wanted to sell, and I was soon making my money back. It was addictive, as well as lucrative! (In the last two months I have made over £150, with minimal effort!)

Fast forward to now, I regularly list items on eBay. More often than not, they’re things I already had that I no longer use. Recently however, I’ve started ‘reselling’, that is, sourcing items at cheap prices, cleaning them up, then selling them, and making a profit. I’d love to do more of this, it’s just proving difficult at the moment with two young children at home.

Two laptops on one desk, Persons arms on a computer mouse on the desk.

So, I thought I would put together my top tips for making money on eBay. Here you go: 

Do your research! First work out if your item is actually worth selling or not. You could do this my searching for said item in the ebay listings, then filter them by ‘sold’ and ‘completed’ items. This will give you a list of all the items that were sold, and how much for.  I always sort the list by highest price first, and see what kinds of things were written in the descriptions on those ones.

Get things looking their best before selling 

This doesn’t mean everything has to look in perfect condition, as 2nd hand items are never going to look brand new, especially not in my house! However, making sure things are clean (a quick once over with a baby wipe is sometimes all it takes) will really help your things to sell. If it’s clothes, give them a quick iron. The trick is to make items stand out from the rest of the listings.

Distressed floorboards with dslr camera and iphone on them
photos can make or break your listings!

Take decent photos (and as many as possible)

If you list your item using one dingy, blurred photo, chances are it’s not going to go well! The photos you take need to be bright, preferably using natural daylight. A lighter background on your photos is another brilliant way to really make your listings stand out. For clothes, hanging them on a lighter background using a wooden hanger can really help enhance your photos. Make sure to include images of your items from different angles, and, if clothing, a photo of the label is always a must.

Be honest in your advert

There is no point whatsoever in trying to hide things from your potential buyers. For instance, say you fail to mention a mark on an item of clothing you’re selling. You run the risk of your buyer receiving the item and then giving you negative feedback. This will really affect your chances of becoming a successful seller on eBay. I’m not sure about you, but one of the very first things I look at when purchasing something on eBay, is the sellers feedback. I’m always much keener to buy from someone that has 100% positive feedback, than from someone who hasn’t. Always be sure to mention any flaws with anything you are selling. You may regret it otherwise. 

Get the timings right.

Sunday evening is always the busiest time on eBay. Ending your auctions around 9pm on a Sunday gives you a much better chance of selling your goods for a higher price.

So, there we have it. I’m still pretty much a novice on eBay, but those are the things I have learnt so far. I’m looking forward to trying and earning more money by sourcing items to sell and make a profit. Do any of you do this already? Any top tips I’ve missed in this post?

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