Monday Meal Plan – 18/12/2017

Monday Meal Plan – 18/12/2017

I’ve totally lost my mojo when it comes to thinking of new meals at the moment! In the holidays i’m going to be getting my recipe books out for some inspiration, in the hope that it’ll get me interested in cooking again. What are your favourite recipe books? Any that I desperately need in my kitchen?

Both my kids are going through a really fussy phase, basically demanding beans on toast for every meal. I’ve ended up just cooking things I know they will eat, to save drama. Does anyone else do this?

Basically, I’m sorry if this meal plan is slightly boring, I promise they will be much more enticing in 2018!

My husband and I are child free Friday and Saturday this weekend, hence the takeaway and M&S meal.

Monday – Beef Stew

Tuesday – Vegetable Fried rice

Wednesday – Beef Chilli

Thursday – Beef Chilli Nachos

Friday – Takeaway

Saturday – M&S £10 meal deal

Sunday – Sausage, mash and broccoli

I’ll be dragging my toddler to Aldi in the morning, to do the shopping, and pray she decides to stay in the trolley.

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