4-5 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update – Baby Number 3

4-5 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update – Baby Number 3

It feels so odd to be writing this! I uhmmed and ahhed over writing a pregnancy update. It doesn’t exactly fit with my blog, as such. However, it is such a big part of my life at the moment. Also, ever since being pregnant with my first, I have always loved to read other people’s pregnancy updates, there’s just something nice about feeling like you’re not alone. Especially in these early weeks, when no-one really knows, there’s no one to chat to about how I’m feeling!

So, here goes!

How far along?

Today I am 6 weeks and 5 days, however I’ll be writing this about weeks 4-5 as I took some notes!

Due date?

According to my calculations, I am due the 21st August 2018. However, I’m aware this may change when we have our first scan in a few weeks time.

How is baby doing?

Baby is now the size of a poppy seed, which is crazy when you consider how he or she is making me feel already! Despite being so little, he or she has already split into three different sections. In one section is the brain and central nervous system, starting to develop. In the others, the heart and circulatory system are beginning to form, and the lungs and intestines are in the very early stages too. Crazy for something so tiny!


I seemed to have symptoms a few days after conception this time! Nausea and tiredness hit me like a brick wall. I was having really vivid dreams too. There was a bit of respite on the nausea front after I’d done my test, which of course made me very anxious. Generally, I am a pretty laid back girl. However, when it comes to pregnancy, I turn into some kind of maniac, addicted to peeing on tests, analysing every.single.symptom. Googling like crazy. Thankfully, by week 5, my symptoms were back. I had absolutely no appetite, I was nauseous again, I started having night sweats (so attractive).

I also starting experiencing stretching pains. They weren’t strong cramps that I should have been worried about, but they were definitely feelings of everything moving about!

How I feel?

Nervous! These first weeks of pregnancy are just the worst. I’ve been lucky to never have experienced miscarriage before, but I can’t help feel like, after 2 successful pregnancies, it’s my turn for something to go wrong? Does that sound crazy?

We’ve only told a couple of friends, and our parents don’t even know yet. In some way, I’m actually enjoying having this little secret of our own. As much as I’m looking forward to being able to tell the world, I’m relishing the face we have this special news, just to ourselves at the moment.

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