6 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update – Baby Number 3

6 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update – Baby Number 3

Back again! I’m so pleased to be writing another one of these, and that, thus far, everything seems to be going okay,

How many weeks?

6 weeks.

Due date?

21st August 2018

How’s baby doing?

Little one is the size of a grain of rice, so still teeny tiny. Also, he or she is looking a bit like a tadpole at the moment! Baby now has a two-chambered heart, which will have now started beating, how exciting! As well as this, baby is now growing a thin layer of skin to cover everything up.


The nausea has certainly increased this week. Quite a few times I’ve had to go and have a 10 minute lay down. Fortunately my Mister has been off work so I’ve been able to do it! As well as nausea, there’s been tiredness. Oh, the tiredness! By mid afternoon on most days, every bone in my body just feels exhausted. I’m struggling to stay awake on the sofa on an evening (very unlike me), and getting up on a morning can be really difficult. The night sweats seem to have dissipated, thank goodness. However, they seem to have been replaced by vivid dreams. Dreams so eventful you wake up on a morning actually feeling tired from all that went on in your head during the night! My appetite has returned with a vengeance, in fact, I have to make sure I eat regularly to keep the nausea at bay. My husband can’t quite get his head around the fact that when I’m feeling sick, I need food to make me feel better.

How I’m feeling?

I’m feeling a lot more positive this week. We’ve still not told any more people, and I’m still enjoying have the secret to ourselves. I’ve arranged my booking in appointment with my midwife on the 11th Jan, so that’s something for me to look forward to.

Obviously my other half has had time off for Christmas recently, but he goes back on Tuesday. I must admit, I’m dreading it slightly. My eldest doesn’t return to preschool until the week after so I’ll have both kids on my own for a week. I’m envisaging lots snacks and iPad time for them. Sometimes you’ve just got to do what you can to survive.

See you soon for my next update!

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