Monday night meal plan – 1/1/18

Monday night meal plan – 1/1/18

Is anyone else glad to be getting back to a bit of normality this week? I swear I’ve eaten my body weight in cheese and chocolate over the last 10 days, and as lovely as it’s been, my body is craving anything healthy. I never thought I’d say this, but junk food is turning my stomach at the moment! There can definitely be too much of a good thing sometimes.

So expect some (relatively) healthy meal plans coming your way over the next few weeks. I need to get this body of mine in a healthier, happier state. I lost just over 2 stone with Slimming Workd in 2015, so I’m very familiar with the plan, and how it works. I’ve decided to try and make as many of meals as possible, slimming world friendly. I’m thinking about adding some recipes aswell, let me know if there’s any in particular you’d like to see.

Monday – spiced chicken, ratatouille and rice

Tuesday – jackets With ratatouille

Wednesday – Greek salad

Thursday – Gammon, wedges and peas

Friday – campfire stew

Saturday – spag Bol and salad

Sunday – sweet Jacket potatoes with salad

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