7 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update – Baby Number 3

7 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Update – Baby Number 3

Can’t quite believe I’m 7 weeks already. With the Mister being off the last two weeks, and the eldest off nursery, we’ve been so busy I’ve not had time to think! 7 weeks has come around very quickly, and I am so pleased. These first few weeks are never enjoyable, and the sooner 12 weeks gets here, the better.

How many weeks?

7 weeks

Due date?

21st of August 2018, if my dates are correct.

How’s baby doing?

My little raspberry-sized bubba is busy growing at a rapid rate! His/her brain is growing by 100 cells a minute. Meanwhile I feel like mine is decreasing by that rate too, haha.


Feeling rough has become a normality here. I’ve had a couple of bad mornings this week where I’ve been physically sick, which has never happened in my previous two pregnancies. Also, if I’ve not been throwing up, I’ve been sat on the toilet (maybe tmi, but this is real life people). Basically, I’ve been petrified to leave the house. No sore boobs yet, but I’m trying not to look into that too much, as I didn’t get sore boobs in my 2nd pregnancy either. My skin is constantly breaking out, so I’m feeling a bit of a spotty potato at the moment. Where’s the glow everyone promises?? Haha.

How are you feeling?

I’m still so anxious that something is going to happen. We’re thinking of booking an early scan, so I can get some kind of reassurance that this little one is, so far, healthy. We’ve never had one before, but with this most likely being our last pregnancy, it would be nice to do. Both sets of our parents still don’t know, so we’re currently trying to decide when to tell them. It would be nice to show them a scan photo, so we have something tangible when we reveal, but who knows.

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