8 weeks pregnant – pregnancy update – baby number 3

8 weeks pregnant – pregnancy update – baby number 3

Eek, we’ve had quite an exciting week, and everything in this pregnancy seems so much more real now. I’m finally allowing myself to imagine that I’m actually going to be having a baby this year!

How far along?

8 weeks and 2 days

Due date?

21st August 2018, although this could change.

How is baby doing?

Baby is now around the size of a raspberry, 1.6cm. His/her eyes are now beginning to form, including the iris which will determine baby’s eye colour. I have one blue eyed and one brown eyed child, so it will be interesting to see how this one turns out!


Nothing new to report here really, still nauseous, still tired, and I still have an insane sense of smell! My anxiety hit a new peak on the days leading up to our scan. I woke up around 4am that morning, and just couldn’t get back to sleep at all.

I’ve had a bit more backache and cramping this week. I’m not worrying though, as it feels like stretching pains. And I know well enough how much I’m going to stretch and grow in the next few months!

How do you feel?

I am so much more confident in my pregnancy this week. It was amazing to see our little bean at the scan we had. Seeing that heartbeat, flickering away, meant a massive weight had been lifted off me. I have now dared to start planning ahead, thinking of practical things, even wondering about names. Having an early scan was one of the best things I’ve done. I know, obviously, there are still always risks in early pregnancy, but the chance of miscarriage dramatically drops once a heartbeat is detected at 8 weeks, and this makes me feel infinitely better about the whole thing.

We’ve now started to tell family, and they’re chuffed (some of them were a bit bemused, admittedly haha!)

The 12 week mark is fast approaching, and I cannot wait!

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