The things you need to know about mystery shopping.

The things you need to know about mystery shopping.

I have only been mystery shopping for the last couple of months, but I am loving it so far! It’s definitely made a positive impact on our income, and I have only done it few times.

So what is mystery shopping?

Basically, it’s a tool used by companies to evaluate their employees and stores performances. It gives them a non biased review of how well their company is doing.

The companies employ outside mystery shopping agencies to arrange mystery shoppers to carry out assignments and feedback.

Some examples of assignments I’ve completed over the last two months:

Go to a location where a charity stand is, take photos of the stand and employee. Object to signing up with them. I was paid enough for this job to pay for a meal out for our family!

Make an enquiry at a local travel agents.

Eat a meal at a local top restaurant. We were fully reimbursed for our meal plus expenses which covered petrol and city centre parking.

There are so many varied and interesting assignments, that if you sign up to a few different agencies, you will definitely be able to start earning pretty much straight away. A good place to start is the Facebook group ‘Mystery shoppers uk forum’

There are many people on the group who do this full time, so they are definitely able to answer any questions.

I’d also recommend signing up to Market Force, they’re the first mystery shopping agency I went with, and they’re so simple and straight forward to use. I signed up to them, and completed my first assignment within a week. If you apply using this link, we’ll both get a little reward:

Any more perks?

I’m a stay at home mum of two, and I’ve been able to complete most assignments with my children in tow, or on an evening once my husband is home. This has meant I’ve been able to earn money without having to pay for childcare, or being tied to a specific employer.

So, what are you waiting for? Money, meals out, working even though having young children at home, it’s been brilliant for myself.

Does anyone already do mystery shopping? What has been your favourite ever assignment?

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