9 weeks pregnant – pregnancy update – baby number 3

9 weeks pregnant – pregnancy update – baby number 3

9 whole weeks. I’ve had a good week, the pregnancy nausea has definitely lessened, which I have been so pleased about! I’m now patiently waiting my letter for my dating scan, it can’t come soon enough!

How far along?

9 weeks and 2 days (according to my last period!)

Due date?

Still the 21st August 2018

How is baby doing?

Baby is now the size of a grape (mmm grapes haha! Now getting hungry!). So around 2.3cm. The most amazing thing I find this week, is that this is the week baby’s reproductive organs will either become testes or ovaries. Even though we won’t know the sex of the baby for another 7 months, it’s pretty crazy that it’s already there to be seen! Babies heart is now a teeny tiny replica of a fully grown adult heart, with 4 chambers pumping blood around its body.


I’m so happy I’m not nearly as nauseous this week. I’ve been feeling very tired, ready for bed by 8pm most nights. On a morning I’ve really struggled (more than usual!) to get out of bed. It doesn’t help that my eldest hasn’t been sleeping great. As much as I appreciate sometimes we all just want a cuddle when we wake up at 3am, this tired pregnant mama could do without it at the moment.

How do you feel?

I’m feeling positive! I’m hoping we receive our scan date at some point in the next week, and that the date we get given is sooner rather than later as I can’t wait for it to be out in the open! It’s not really like I’m desperately excited for everyone to know, but it will make things a lot easier. And hopefully people will understand why I’ve been a bit distant recently, and seem to be super grumpy! (Trying to look normal whilst desperately hoping you’re not about to throw up can prove difficult at playgroup on a Monday morning!)

The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I found baby’s heartbeat on my Doppler, that unmistakable fast beat that instantly soothes my worries. I appreciate Doppler are not everybody’s cup of tea, however I’ve found them to be of great comfort before you are able to feel baby move. I would never use them for reassurance if I felt something was wrong.

So there we have it, bring on double figures next week!

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