10 weeks pregnant – pregnancy update – baby number 3

10 weeks pregnant – pregnancy update – baby number 3

How far along are you?

10 weeks and 5 days today

Due date?

21st August 2018 (feels like forever away!)

How is baby doing?

Little baby is the size of a green olive now (yuk, I am not a fan of olives!). His/her tiny fingers have nails, and their arms and legs can rotate at the shoulder and hip joints! I cannot wait to see those limbs moving about at our next scan.


I totally feel like my tummy has ‘popped’ this week. This may be to do with all the extra calories I’ve been eating, but there’s definitely bump there now that’s difficult to hide unless I’m wearing something baggy. With this being my 3rd pregnancy, my body definitely remembers what it needs to do, and this time it seems to have remembered very quickly!

My boobs have felt sore this week, which is odd as they’ve been absolutely fine until now. They’re also growing at an alarming rate, I’ve ordered a new bra from M&S that I’ve heard good things about, so I’m looking forward to that arriving!

How are you feeling?

We announced the pregnancy to everyone this week, it’s so nice to having to hide anything any more. We originally wanted to wait until my Nhs scan, but I had the appointment letter through, and it’s not for another 3 weeks! As we’ve already had an early scan at 8 weeks, and I’ve been able to hear baby’s heartbeat on my Doppler a few times this week, we felt confident enough to spill the beans to everyone.

We also told my eldest (he’s 4), and he’s very excited! He was pretty matter of fact when we told him, he acted like I’d just asked him what he wanted for tea, not told him he’s going to be a big brother again haha. Our nearly 2 year old hasn’t a clue what’s going on, she just finds it funny to prod my ever-expanding tummy.

I’m glad we now have a date for the scan, I like having something to focus on, and hopefully these next few weeks go by speedily!

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