Our early scan at 8 weeks – Review of The Scan Room, Huddersfield

Our early scan at 8 weeks – Review of The Scan Room, Huddersfield

For some reason, this pregnancy has by far been my most anxious one. I don’t know if it’s the fact I’m maybe not quite so naive this time around, or that in my odd head, the fact I’ve had 2 straightforward pregnancies means I’m almost expecting something to go wrong this time around.

I find out I was pregnant just before I was 4 weeks this time, so I knew from very early on. I touched on it in my pregnancy updates, but I was so anxious that everything was going to be okay. Without anything tangible to show I was pregnant (apart from positive tests of course), I started to get very stressed, wondering if I was even pregnant at all.

I had heard of private scans, but we’d never had one. We could never afford one when I was pregnant with my eldest, and then with my youngest, I was working, so the 12 week wait didn’t seem quite so long.

After a bit of persuading my other half, we decided to go ahead and book an early scan, for peace of mind, and to hopefully help me feel more positive.

We researched into local companies, and The Scan Room in Huddersfield really stood out. Their Facebook page was full of amazing reviews, their website was professional and offered online booking.

Who are The Scan Room?

They are an organisation whose success is intertwined with the incredible development of an exclusive Ultrasound service in the West Yorkshire region.

They are a centre for ultrasound excellence providing the most advanced ultrasound scans with service which is on par to the level of a Harley Street clinic.

They are specialists in Medical scanning, Obstetrics/Pregnancy scanning and 3D/4D scanning. Every scan is conducted by a Sonographer. They have assembled a team with unrivalled expertise, experience and diversity to meet the individual needs of their guests. All of The Scan Room Ultrasound practitioners hold a current registration with the Health and Care Professions Council and adhere to the British Medical Ultrasound Society standards for ultrasound professionals.

The Scan Room perform ultrasound scans at every stage of your pregnancy from viability scans in early pregnancy through to wellbeing and 3D/4D scans in late pregnancy. This enables them to visualise the baby’s heartbeat movements as well as identifying further information which includes; an estimated fetal weight, heart rate and 3D/4D visualisation of the baby’s facial expressions and movements. They aim for expectant mothers and their partners to have a memorable and positive experience the moment they arrive into the clinic.

And it was just that, we had a positive and memorable experience. We were welcomed very professionally, and sat in the comfortable waiting area. We were so impressed when we walked into the scan room. It felt relaxed, and we were immediately put at ease. We loved being able to see our tiny baby’s heart beating on the large screen in front of us, on the wall.

The sonographer really took her time, and let us have a really good look at our little bean baby. Unfortunately, our NHS scans with previous pregnancies have felt quite rushed, but this was the opposite.

For us, this scan was well worth the money. It gave me peace of mind, and meant I could start enjoying my pregnancy! I would recommend anyone in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, to give The Scan Room a go. You will not be disappointed!


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