Review – The Paulos Circus

Review – The Paulos Circus

I must admit, last time I visited a circus was around 20 years ago! For some reason, we’d just never got around to taking our children, so much so that our eldest had recently started asking to visit a circus. Imagine our excitement when we were invited to go and review – The Paulos Circus. We jumped at the chance!

After a short (thankfully) car journey, with two over-excited children, we arrived at Farmer Copley’s in Pontefract, and the large pink tent came into view. There’s something magical about the circus, even when visiting as an adult.

Child outside of circus

Once inside, the tent was smaller than I imagined, however this was great as no matter where you sat, you were never far from the action. There was popcorn available before the show, which smelled amazing, I wish we’d had chance to get some!

Inside circus tent

We were all really looking forward to going, and once we were sat down, the eldest constantly asking how much longer we had to wait. 2 minutes before the show started, a countdown was projected onto the side of the tent. This really helped build the anticipation for everyone!

We were definitely not disappointed, the show was 70 minutes from start to finish, and every moment was packed with excitement!

The performers were all extremely talented, and there were a few times I was on the edge of my seat, I almost couldn’t watch the knife throwers.

The laser show was also brilliant, and unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I was worried my two were too young (they’re 2 and 4), and that their attention wouldn’t be held, but it was far from it. They never left their seats for the whole 70 minutes, and were transfixed.

The clown, Mr N, was between all the acts and had some funny sketches, which broke up the more intense acts perfectly.

The finale of the tightrope walking brought things to an exciting conclusion, it was nail biting to say the least!

I’d more than recommend going to visit the Paulos Circus, if you get chance. It’s a really traditional family evening out, and we all loved every minute!

Visit their Facebook site here to get yourself a voucher for £2 off every ticket!

*we were asked to write this review in exchange for some tickets, however as ever all thoughts and opinions are our own*

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