The Scan Room Review – 3D/4D baby Scan

The Scan Room Review – 3D/4D baby Scan

If you’ve read my previous pregnancy updates, you’ll have seen we arranged to have a scan at around 8 weeks in this pregnancy. I was so anxious to know if the little bean in my tummy was looking okay. We were so pleased to have done it and it really put our minds to rest.

Fast forward 5 months and here I am at 28 weeks, creeping out of my second trimester and hurtling towards my due date! We’re pretty set on the fact this is our last baby, so we’ve been trying to really make the most of this pregnancy, and we’d been looking at 4D scans for a while.

Why 4D?

It can be easy, when pregnant with young children, to almost forgot about this pregnancy sometimes. I can be running around all day without even thinking about this poor new baby! Because of this, a 4D scan really appealed to me, the chance to actually see baby, and their features.

Of course this meant I jumped at the chance when invited to come and review the 3D/4D bonding scan at The Scan Room in Huddersfield.

sign on wall

This scan is offered as a chance to visualise your baby’s features and movements in real-time during this unique bonding experience.

We were offered the ‘Special Package‘, which included:

20 minute appointment

Three black and white prints

The scan

We arrived at ‘The Scan Room’ a little early, so were seated in the modern, but comfortable, waiting area. This is where private scans are worlds apart from your standard NHS scans. Obviously the NHS are amazing, but the amount of times we have gone for a scan, and ended up waiting over an hour to be seen. Imagine our amazement when we were invited into the scan a few minutes early!

The actual room had a bed, and then a comfy sofa plus extra chairs, meaning you can bring your family members too. There was a large flat tv screen on the wall, so everyone could easily see (much better than me having to crane my neck then getting told to lie back down at my nhs scans).

flat screen tv with heart rate woman being scanned

We swiftly told the lovely sonographer that we didn’t want to find out the sex, so she made sure to stay around the face and tummy area. Unfortunately, baby seemed to enjoy burying their face into my placenta, so it took a bit of jiggling to get into the right position, but once we were, we got some gorgeous shots!

Baby was smiling, making all kinds of facial expressions. It was such a special experience, to see this baby’s features, and to get a glimpse of what will be entering our lives at the end of summer.

I must admit, up until recently I’d never really been a fan of 4D scan photos. I could totally understand why people got them, and of course it was nice to see other people’s, but this totally changed my mind. This baby looked like our baby, very much like his or her siblings. And seeing our little one moving around, their little features, filled me with awe. We’re actually having a baby! Not sure what I thought before that but this has made everything so much more real.

The sonographer spent around 15 minutes showing us as much as possible (without revealing the gender). You normally only get 3 photos with this package, but we were kindly given lots more, as baby had been very co-operative, and choosing 3 would have been impossible.

Towards the end of the scan, the baby’s measurements were taken (obviously the sonographer is a medical professional, so this was a lovely extra). This (not so) little one is measuring around a week ahead, which is hardly surprising given the size of its siblings when they were born!

Another lovely touch is that, along with your photos, you get given a cute pack with a Mam baby bottle and dummy.

buildingpregnant woman stood in front of building

I would 100% recommend this experience to other parents-to-be. I’d urge anyone thinking about having one, to get one booked. Obviously we were kindly gifted this, but I would have happily paid to get this special glimpse of our final baby.

The Scan Room were friendly and professional, they really are brilliant at what they do.

To book your own scan, see here.

The Scan Room also have a Groupon offer running at the moment, for gender scans, see here

*we were very kindly gifted this scan experience, however all thoughts and opinions are, as ever, my own*

4 thoughts on “The Scan Room Review – 3D/4D baby Scan

  1. Wow! This definitely wasn’t around when my babies were babies! I could even notice the difference in quality between the normal scan pictures with mine – one in 1995 and one in 2002.

  2. This is lovely-those scan pics are a great memory. I didn’t realise this was Huddersfield, so close to me-good to know for when I have children in the future

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