Men’s Anniversary Gift Guide

Men’s Anniversary Gift Guide

The husband and I have been married 8 years this time, and I’m very guilty of being awful at anniversary presents! I decided to write up this anniversary gift guide in a bid to get some inspiration, plus then I won’t have an excuse not to buy anything, my poor husband! Also, with the impending birth of our third child, who know’s what kind of state I’ll be in next year! As you’ll see, I’ve included gifts for all kinds of budgets, So hopefully you’ll find something that fits.

Panasonic Men’s Trimmer

mens trimmer

Is your fella a fan of rocking the stubble look? It’s a fine art, apparently! Getting that right amount of hair growth can be tricky, so this 3 in 1 shaver looks perfect for the man in your life. The Blade also lasts an impressive 3 years, so no having to find an expensive replacement. The Detail attachment allows precise styling, even in those hard to reach areas like under the jaw.

Rally Driving Experience

For the thrill seekers, a Rally driving experience would suit them down to the ground. You will learn rally techniques such as hand-brake turns, powerslides and many more. Definitely one for the more adventurous, it would surely be a memorable gift!

Personalised Copper Keyring

I thought this looked so cute! My husband isn’t the best at remembering dates, and is also pretty good at losing things, so with this being a key ring, hopefully that would make it difficult to misplace, and he’d be able to keep it for a long time! This is one of the gifts with a smaller price tag, but the personal meaning adds value!

Love Tokens

Now before you laugh, yes these are pretty cheesy, but sometimes you’ve just gotta embrace the cheese and go with it! The husband actually got me some similar tokens on our first or second wedding anniversary, and I still have some left that I like to get out when I’d like him to make tea or hang out the washing!

Camelbak Insulated Travel Mug

Travel Mug

My other half loves a coffee (he’s been known to be able to locate the nearest Costa at any given moment haha). He’d love something like this flask, as he likes to leave as late as possible to go to work on a morning, so he’d still have chance to have his morning fuel during his commute. The insulation means the drink stays hot for 4 hours, so more than enough time to enjoy it. Plus with a lifetime guarantee, no worries about going without a caffeine fix.

Huawei Fitness Watch

Is the man in your life into fitness? Or maybe they want to me? Most men love a clever gadget, and this fitness watch is just that. This watch has built-in GPS tracking, plus heart rate monitoring. It’s also waterproof, and tracks sleep (or lack of it if you have young children!). A great option if your budget can’t quite stretch to a Fitbit.

So there we have it, my Men’s Anniversary Gift Guide. I hope it provided you with some inspiration, maybe send it on to your partner and see if they fancy any of the gifts included. Or, if you’re a man, send it to the one you love so they can get some ideas, a not-so-subtle hint!

*this post has been sponsored, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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