How To Save Money in Pregnancy

How To Save Money in Pregnancy

So, you’re pregnant! It can easy to get caught up in thinking you need to buy anything and everything to do with pregnancy. Now on my third pregnancy, I’ve learnt where to spend money, and where not to. Today’s post is all on how to save money in pregnancy, and make sure you save it for the important things.

Don’t buy all the maternity clothes.

I must admit, in my first pregnancy, as soon as my normal jeans started to get *slightly* tight, I was straight to the shops, trying on all the maternity wear. The issue there being that my none-existent bump was nowhere big enough to hold up a bump. By the time the jeans actually fit my bump, they were too small everywhere else (I put on ALOT of weight with my first!). So basically, hold off buying maternity wear as long as possible. It’s quite easy to get through the first 5 months or so with your normal clothes. Leggings are your best friend here, and a good pair of maternity leggings (H&M ones are brilliant) will be your saviour!

Work as long as you can

Obviously, this one is health permitting, however, especially if you feel well in your pregnancy, trying and hold out working as close to your due date as possible.

Don’t feel pressured to do expensive maternity classes

Of course, if you have the money, and this is something you fancy doing, then go for it! However, do not feel like you need to do any! Pregnancy swimming classes might sound lovely, but a normal swimming session is usually just as good (and probably half the price!).

Look out for deals

If there are items you plan on buying new, then never accept the first price you see. Check out cash back sites like quidco and topcashback to see if you can save a bit of money when you order. Also, google discount codes. Quite often I’ve managed to find a code for 10-15% off a website. Even if it’s just for free delivery, every little helps!

Accept second hand baby items

Along similar lines, 2nd hand furniture, clothes, anything can be so helpful for your budget. When it comes to baby items, it can be very common for things to still be in amazing condition, as they hardly get used when babies are tiny, especially clothes. My first baby wore his first sized clothes for around 2 weeks! Check out ebay, local Facebook selling pages, even friends with older babies.

Go through your bills and see where you can save money

I know I mentioned this in my post all around saving money whilst on maternity, but it can help immensely! Get yourself to Martin Lewis’ website and check out the money makeover. As well as this, make it a habit to shop around every time your insurances come around for renewal.

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