32 Week Pregnancy Update

32 Week Pregnancy Update

Honestly, I feel a fraud writing my 32 week pregnancy update. Surely I’m still about 20 weeks?! But no, after checking, and rechecking the calendar, I am indeed 32 weeks pregnant. 8 weeks until that hallowed due date. 8 weeks to get prepared. I have definitely been my most lax in this pregnancy and baby has a grand total of two vests, bought from H&M in a panic as I felt mean I’d not yet purchased the poor thing anything.

How many weeks?

32 weeks

Due date?

25th August 2018

How’s baby doing?

Baby is now around 45cm, and boy don’t I know it! His/her little legs do not stop kicking, especially my poor ribs. They’re taking a battering most evenings.


Heartburn is very on and off, I presume it’s all down to baby’s position. However, when it’s bad, it’s pretty unbearable. Backache can also be an issue at the moment, baby seems to be able to sit on one of my nerves, and I then spend all day trying to get him/her off! I’ve also recently had sinusitis, which was no fun at all. I seem to get it every pregnancy, it’s like having an awful cold, but 100x worse! Thank goodness I feel like it’s easing up now.

Movements have certainly increased, they’re becoming painful, which is something I’ve never experienced before. I almost feel like I’m being bruised from the inside, an odd feeling!

How are you feeling?

I must admit the need for everything to be perfect before baby arrives is increasing. The issue with this is that we’re currently experiencing a heatwave in the UK, so productivity levels are pretty low. I’m having to just take it easy as much as possible, I physically can’t be running around like a headless chicken in this heat. I’m really hoping to have some cooler weather soon so I can just get stuff done! Especially before the school holidays, as I’ll then have a long 6 weeks with 2 children at home.

After a hard week of lots of unexpected expenses (broken down car, MOT failures), it’s looking like the money we would have put aside to decorate our bedroom has been swallowed up, so here’s hoping next month is a little easier, finance-wise.

We’ve got a child free weekend in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to spend the weekend getting things done, all those annoying jobs you can’t really do with children around.

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