How To Survive Pregnancy In Summer

How To Survive Pregnancy In Summer

You’re most probably sick of hearing about the weather at the moment, if you live in the UK. We’re currently experiencing a heat wave, the longest we’ve had for a while. I’m no good in the heat at the best of times, add into the mix that I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant, and things are extra tough! Here are my top tips on how to survive pregnancy in summer:

Don’t do too much

This is kind of an obvious one, but so important! Listen to your body, if you feel like you need a day of not doing much, then do it. If there’s anything that desperately needs completing, then save it for an evening, when the temperatures aren’t quite as high.

Paddling pool

A staple in anyone’s garden is you have children! Although saying this, don’t discount the idea if you’re child free! Paddling pools are great for sitting in to cool down, or even just the cool down those sore swollen feet.

feet in paddling pool

Stay hydrated

This goes without saying, but if you’re anything like me then it’s so easy to forget! Try to keep on top of it and don’t wait until your mouth feels like Ghandi’s flip-flop before you reach for that glass of water. Those love-Island-esque water bottles are great to remind you to keep drinking, and a vital way to survive pregnancy in summer.

Buy ready-made ice

Personally, I’m not a fan of having to fill up those ice-cube trays, then prising the ice out with a chisel. Ready made ice is the way forward! It comes in bags and it’s cheap as chips (cheaper in fact!).

Damp towel

This brilliant idea came from a friend of mine, and I will forever be indebted. Grab a towel, soak it with cold water then wring it out as much as possible. And there you have your very own blanket of cool-ness. Kind of like the opposite to a heated blanket! It takes the idea of having a cool flannel to another level entirely.

Frozen grapes

At last, a cold snack that isn’t ice or an ice cream! Frozen grapes. Super yummy, very cold, and not as full of calories as a magnum (although I’m pretty partial to one of those too).

bowl of grapes

Get rid of the duvet

There is nothing worse than being too warm to sleep. Ditch the duvet! We tend to just take the duvet out of the cover, and use the cover on its own. Keeping your bedroom curtains closed during the day can help massively too.

Accept Help

This suggestion isn’t just for the warmer weather. I apply it to life, pregnant or not. If somebody offers to help out, be it having the kids for an hour, or a night, picking something up for you from the shop, anything! Say yes! Do not feel like you have to do everything yourself, it’s not big and it’s not clever. Exhaustion is a real thing, and if you give yourself chance to rest, you’ll have a much happier pregnancy.

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