When Your Child Refuses The Buggy – Microtrike Review

When Your Child Refuses The Buggy – Microtrike Review

My youngest little sprog is nearly 2 and a half. She’s a determined little thing, and has recently decided the pram is just not for her. Which wouldn’t be an issue if she would walk everywhere. But of course not, she gets tired and then insists on a carry. With a 34 week bump, this can be problematic! I usually last about 5 paces carrying her.

So when Micro Scooters asked if they could send a Micro Trike, we jumped at the chance. At last, something that can be used instead of taking the pram out, that can be folded down really easily so it can be carried when it’s not being used. Genius! Here is our Micro Trike Review:

First impressions:

Upon opening the box, it took around 3 minutes to put together. It feels very well made, and sturdy. I can see it lasting a long time, even with two boisterous young children around testing it to its limits!

What We Think So Far

We’ve only had the trike a couple of weeks, but we have used it countless times. Supermarket trips, Shopping Centre outings, Nursery runs.

It is so incredibly lightweight, yet it handles brilliantly, especially as it’s designed to be pushed with one hand. My two year old absolutely loves going on it, she also loves pushing it around the garden herself (which just shows how easy it is to manoeuvre)

The Trike can cater for kids from 18 months to 20kg, so it’s something that will last a long time!

Overall, we love the Micro Trike, it’s a brilliant step between using the pram and walking, and it folds so easily it’s not an issue having to carry it.

We were gifted this Micro Trike but I was not required to write about it, I wanted to share our opinion on it as we love it!

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