37 Week Pregnancy and Life Update

37 Week Pregnancy and Life Update

Eek, how has it been so long since I did one of these! So much for my grand plans of updating you all every 1-2 weeks. What can I say, life seems to have moved up a gear and got crazy busy! So here is a long overdue pregnancy and life update.

What’s going on?

We’re currently in the middle of renovating our bedroom, it hasn’t changed since we bought the house, purple walls, awful built-in wardrobes, floral curtains, you get the picture! We’ve now had the walls skimmed with plaster, and it’s getting painted next week. Then we have to sort carpet! I cannot wait for it all to be done so I can relax and get baby’s crib put together and get ready for having this baby!

Newly plastered bedroom
Our current bedroom

I’ve also got the fact that the eldest starts school in a matter of weeks, hanging over my head. We’re partly there with the buying of uniform, but still have some bits to get. I’ve still not got him to try on his whole uniform outfit as my heart can’t take it! I’d be a crumpled mess on the floor, the realisation he’ll be away from me 5 days a week is just too much for this hormonal preggo.

How’s the pregnancy?

It’s going well! Now we’re heading towards the big day though, I’m struggling to cope with the fact this will be the last time I go through this. It’s unfortunate that the more pregnancies you have, the harder it is to really appreciate and soak up every moment of them. I remember with my first, I would just lie there on an evening, basking in the glory of just being pregnant, haha!

Now I’m running around tidying up once the kids are in bed, choosing paint colours, frantically researching hospital bag contents as it appears I have forgotten E V E R Y T H I N G from the last two times I went through this.

I had a midwife appointment today and all is good, baby is head down, low but not engaged. I can definitely feel that he/she has moved down though, I now have my appetite back, and getting comfortable is a lot easier now I don’t have legs jabbing me in the ribs constantly! My next midwife appointment is 2 days before I’m due, so it will be interested to see if baby is engaged by then.

I’m still working on my hospital bags, I had a beautiful Cath Kidston bag given to me by a couple of friends at my baby shower, so now I can get on with packing it full of the baby’s things for hospital.

On that note, I had a beautiful small baby shower last weekend. We went for afternoon tea, and it was perfect. I didn’t think I qualified for one, with this being baby number 3 haha, but I have amazing friends!

Pregnant woman at Baby shower

So yeah, busy busy busy at the moment but hoping in a weeks times everything *should* be sorted, and I’ll be ready to have this baba!

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