5 Newborn Items You Don’t Need

5 Newborn Items You Don’t Need

Being pregnant with Baby number three is a whole different world to being pregnant with my first. I like to think I’ve got enough experience of newborns now, to know what works for us, and what doesn’t. The baby market is a very full one, and it is so easy to get swayed into thinking you need every little thing for your baby, and to feel like a bad parent if you don’t buy everything! Because of this, I decided to write this post, and explain 5 Newborn items I’d never buy again. Hopefully I can save you some money in the process

1.Baby Bath

A baby bath is almost seen as a necessity, I had visions of being sat in our living room, in front of the fire, bathing a tiny baby in their bath, calm, peaceful and serene. What actually happened was that we filled the bath in our bathroom, then had to drag it through to the living room, it was heavy, there was water sloshing everywhere. Even then, the baby invariably hated every single second, and screamed like we were trying to torture him, not give him a little wash. Then came the task of carrying it back to the bathroom, emptying it, and trying to find where the heck we were going to store this giant monstrosity. Save your pennies and go for one of these, so much easier to use, and not so huge that you’ll have to give up your whole airing cupboard for it!

2. Baby Towel

Okay so these can look super cute, with their little hoods. Who can resist a sparkling clean baby, fresh out of the bath? I must admit, we were bought tonnes of these baby towels as gifts, especially for our first. Whilst they CAN be useful when baby is small, we seem to make giant children (9lb 5oz and 8lb 15oz), which means after a few months, these towels just end up redundant, filling our towel cupboard up, too small for any of us to use (I’ve made the error of quickly grabbing one before a shower and realising it just about covers my shoulders, like one of those bolero cardigans I lived for in the early 00’s. If you know, you know). We much prefer these ones from Ikea, big enough to last baby ages, and in cute designs too!

3. Moses Basket

Somewhere for a newborn baby to sleep, that creaks every time anybody within 5 metres of it breathes? Not ideal! Again, we had a Moses basket for our first, he never ever slept in it, much preferring the comfort of our arms. It didn’t look comfortable, and he was so long it lasted him about 5 weeks. By the time number 2 came along, I made the bold (well it felt like it at the time) move, and we went straight for a co sleeper. This one in fact. Baby number 2 slept in it very happily until the 4 month sleep regression came along and then she wasn’t sleeping anywhere if it wasn’t on me, or attached to me. The fold down side meant it was perfect for feeding her then sliding her back across (and hoping she didn’t wake!).

 4. Baby Shoes

Again, cute but provide no purpose whatsoever. By all means, buy your baby shoes, but also expect to be left with 100 odd shoes around 2 weeks later. They never stay on, they’re a pain to get on in the first place. I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to do when trying to rush out of the house with a screaming baby is to be prising a baby’s tiny foot into a cute trainer. Only for them to kick it off within approximately 8.2 seconds. Save your money for proper shoes when they’re walking. I know that sounds so boring, but honestly it’s the truth!

5. Nappy Bin

Now I’m not too sure if I’m able to comment on this particular item. However it’s something that a lot of people seem to buy for a new baby, but something we’ve never felt like we needed. I could never get my head around the fact you’d want those stinky nappies hanging around in your bedroom (even if they are contained in a bin). Obviously, each to their own, and I’ve had a couple of friends describe nappy bins as a necessity, but for us, a quick trip to the bin outside and the nappy is out of sight, and smell. I suppose maybe if you lived in a flat, and the outside bin wasn’t quite so accessible then these may be a good idea, but we’ve never had that issue.
So there we have it, the 5 newborn items I’d never buy again. Obviously this is what suits our family, everyone is different, so hopefully no one has taken offence to my ramblings!

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