Saving money with

Saving money with

Obviously with baby 3 here, even more so than ever we’re trying to save money where we can. One of the main ways we do this is always making sure we’re getting the best price possible for whatever it is we’re buying.

The Latest Deals website is a brilliant way to find the best deals possible, meaning you can save your pennies for all those nappies and wipes you’re going to need!

There are loads of different parts to the website, such as:





Discount finders (for dominoes)

The discount finder for Dominoes is amazing! How many times have you wanted a dominoes takeaway and spent the next 15 minutes scouring the internet for a code for your local store? This way you can find the best deals for your local store instantly! Genius!

The vouchers page is also always worth a look at. A few vouchers that stood out to me were: 15% off at the perfume shop, £20 off an Asda grocery order and 25% off at the Body Shop.

I’m not a massive competition enterer (that’s deffo not a proper word! Ha), but I must admit some of the competitions on did catch my eye – who wouldn’t want a chance to win a box of aveeno products for your baby, or tickets to grand designs live? You can tell how exciting my life is!

The freebies section is probably my favourite. I love a freebie, and with items like a free gin and tonic who could say no?! I’ve had 9 long months not drinking, I’m definitely making the most of having alcohol again! Within reason of course!

Which leads me into another section of the website – you can search for anything you want, and it will bring up all the related deals and freebies etc. Staying on a similar theme, I searched for ‘wine’ and this is what I got:

So many good deals!

Registration is really simple too, you can even sign in through your Facebook account. Everything you do on the website gives you points. You also get the chance to build up points by buying items on the website, or using the deals. A brilliant way to save even more money.

This website is an essential tool in the quest to save as much money as possible, and there’s not doubt it will be saved as one of my favourites, to keep using time and again.

*this is a collaborative post, although all thoughts and views are my own*

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