Hana baby wrap review

Hana baby wrap review

I remember the first time I saw a baby being carried in a stretchy wrap. I was pregnant with my first child, and we were walking by a river locally. A man walked past with a tiny newborn, snuggled into his chest. I’d never seen anything like it, what was this cosy looking contraption? The only baby carriers I’d seen weren’t anything like this. I made it my mission to find one for our upcoming arrival.

‘T shirt sling’

‘Material baby carrier’

These were just some of my google searches, haha!

Eventually I worked out that this amazing sling I’d seen was called a ‘stretchy wrap’.

I bought one off amazon and looked forward to using it with our new little one.

I vividly remember the first time I used it. I bundled my little red-headed 4 week old into the sling, after watching a million YouTube videos on how to fasten it. I walked down to our local co-op, so glad to get out of the house on my own. It was a trip I’d made so many times when pregnant, heaving my belly to go and get milk and bread. And here I was now, with my very own baby! I was in my element, showing him off to anyone that would listen.

Fast forward a couple of years, and my middle child was born. Having my hands free to look after my toddler was an essential, and my stretchy wrap got used, a lot! It meant I was able to have my hands free to push the pram, or to hold my eldest’s hand. I didn’t bother with a double buggy, so being able to carry the new baby was perfect.

With baby number 3, I knew a stretchy wrap was going to be a necessity. Anything that meant I had more hands to keep an eye on the other two children was going to be a winner.

Baby being held in sling

Baby being held in sling

Enter the Hana baby wrap! Hana kindly sent me one to review, and I was beyond impressed when it arrived. It felt so super-soft, and perfect for carrying a precious newborn. Made from a mix of bamboo and cotton, the material feels extremely well made, and good quality. With enough stretch to hold baby comfortably, yet still remain supportive. I went for the slate grey colour, neutral so it would go with most things!

The instructions it comes with are easy to use, plus they are also online if like me, you struggle to keep hold of pieces of paper without them being drawn on by a child! It can be pretty daunting, tying up this long piece of fabric, and trusting your baby will not fall out of it (!), but after a few practice goes, it will be like second nature. Now I can get the wrap on and baby in, in less than a minute. Perfect for school run mornings when time is of the essence!

Honestly, I have used this wrap every single day since O was born. Being able to quickly tie the wrap after I get dressed on a morning means we can leave the house a lot quicker as all I have to do with the baby is pop her in the sling. That’s the beauty of a stretchy wrap, you can tie them, then just put baby in it as and when you need. Quite often little O will fall asleep in it on the morning school run, and stay in it for a couple of hours, whilst I get on with things at home.

I’ve had cheaper versions of this Hana wrap, but you definitely get what you pay for. From the feel of the material to the ease of use, the Hana baby wrap is well worth it’s price tag. I tend to have quite large babies, and I’ve found a stretchy wrap usually lasts around 3-4 months, before I usually move onto a buckled carrier. I really couldn’t live with it, and it’s the one thing I recommend to anyone due a new little one.

*we were very kindly gifted this product, however all thoughts and opinions are, as ever, my own*

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