Emma’s Diary baby photo shoot review

Emma’s Diary baby photo shoot review

As a mum of 3, the more children I’ve had, the less time I’ve had! Obvious I know, but it’s meant things like the amount of photos I’ve got of them as babies has lessened as well. I must have hundreds and hundreds of photos of my eldest as A baby. It’s basically what I did all day, I couldn’t stop myself. We’d created this amazing little human and I couldn’t quite believe it! Fast forward 5 years and baby O’s first weeks haven’t quite between so well documented. In between the school runs, changing of nappies, general life, I’ve hardly had time to take the same lovely photos I did of my first.

So when we were offered the chance to have an Emma’s diary photo shoot at a local photographer ‘s studio, we jumped at the chance! What a special way to make some memories of our final baby.

Making The Booking

I made the phone call to book the shoot. The lovely photographer Sandra, was professional and very understanding on the phone. We were advised to keep Ottilie in loose clothing that would be easy to remove for the photos. Also Sandra let us know that it would be best to try and make sure O was nicely full of milk so would hopefully be sleepy enough for some brilliant photos.

The Photo shoot

On arriving at the shoot, Sandra warmly welcomed us and explained how it would all work. She really listened to what we expected from the photos, and also came up with some of her own ideas, which really helped. I’d taken my toddler to the shoot too, and Sandra couldn’t have been better with her. At one point she was given some chocolate and had peppa pig on the TV, to keep her occupied!

Whilst Sandra was taking the photos, she worked quickly and professionally, but was also amazing at handling an unpredictable baby. O had decided she wasn’t going to give us the nice sleepy photos I had imagined, she was very awake, but thankfully very content. I was extremely impressed at how understanding Sandra was when it came to a small baby. We had one instance where O was nappy free and decided it would be a brilliant time to empty her bowels. It did not faze our photographer in the slightest, she was very prepared for all eventualities, and nothing was too much trouble.

Baby Girl

Viewing Appointment

After the photo shoot, we were invited back for a viewing appointment. This was an opportunity to view the photos taken on the day, and to choose our favourite. This was all done on a large TV at the studio, whilst we sat on a comfy sofa. The photos were put into a gorgeous slideshow, I won’t lie I may have shed a tear or two when I saw the beautiful shots Sandra had managed to capture. They were amazing. How was I going to choose?!

To save the potential awkwardness of saying which photos I loved, and which I wasn’t as bothered about, I was handed a nifty remote, and told to press a certain button when my preferred photos came on the screen, and a different button for ones I wasn’t as interested in. This was a great way of choosing, and so much better than being placed in front of loads of photos, and being told to choose. Especially as I can be the most indecisive person in the world!

Once I’d whittled it down, I chose my package. I was really impressed at how Sandra suggested packages based on my budget. I didn’t feel pressurised into having to order more than we wanted.

Overall, I’d highly recommend getting a photo shoot through Emma’s diary. From start to finish, I felt well cared for, listened to, and the photos we got are ones we will treasure forever.

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